For the past year I’ve been assigned to photograph many of the covers of the gem of a mag, the Brighton Fiveways Directory. In that time I’ve met some super people from shop owners, cafe owners to talented Brighton artists. I’m often found around Blaker’s Park and surrounding areas snapping away.


In fact recently I was in Blaker’s park taking photographs for the August cover, pictured above. Once I was done, my eldest daughter who was with me, wanted to take a few snaps herself. She has recently shown a great interest in photography and is saving up for a camera. I gave her a lesson in composition, which was her weakness, and set the other camera functions for her, and off she went. Lo and behold, she took a few great photos including one I was so impressed with I submitted it, alongside two others I’d taken. I had not mentioned this to the editor. Well when he chose her photo, she was delighted. Her first front cover at age 10! I’m a proud mum.

Otherwise here are a few of my front cover favourites that have brought me closer to this lovely Brighton Fiveways community spirit…

February inspired a Valentine’s kiss at Lark and Lowther cafe and saved us from getting wet!


The May art trail in Fiveways Brighton is fantastic and I had the honour of meeting the fabulously creative synaesthetic artist Philippa Stanton and cat!


For the December issue I got a super yummy coffee at Lark on Lowther cafe, which I highly recommend. It’s a gem of a place which I regularly check in on.


And finally Design Vintage April issue, LOVE their stuff, just up the road from Lark on Lowther so you can have your cake and eat it!

_Fiveways Design Vitage Brighton

Brighton based, Tim Clark now runs a few magazines but started with the Fiveways Directory back in November 2004. It now boasts over 100 issues. He says the purpose of the magazine is to connect  local people up to local businesses and  activities and therefore increase the community spirit and prosperity in the area. Well done Tim!

I get many requests to do a workshop in photography, my recent experience with my daughter also got me to thinking about helping others to photograph better. Would you like to take part in my quick survey to see how I can create a great workshop for you or someone you know.

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  1. As always your work is VERY aesthetic and thoughtful in its composition! 🙂 Cat xx

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