What’s that field of red?

Poppy field Sussex 1

Driving along the A27 around Sussex there’s a feast of red poppy fields. I was determined to catch some on my way back from London. Heated beautifully from journey with no air conditioning, it was good to get out. There are a number of poppy fields, this one was close to the gorgeous Ditchling Beacon.

Back in March these fields were white from a late snowfall. Since June, Sussex has selected areas screaming with scarlet, including Newhaven and Shoreham. I was determined to grab an opportunity to take some poppy shots. So with kids in tow, surprisingly up for a shoot despite being tired from roasting in the car, we got acquainted with the gorgeous view.

When is a good time?

When photographing landscape based shots, it’s beneficial to choose a time when the sunlight is fairly low. So this could be early morning or evening. Why? The light hits your subjects in a most interesting way, the colours near sunset and sunrise are just beautiful. The shadows, beautiful. These are the moments you will find yourself breathing deeply and sighing. These are the times you grab your camera or smartphone if need be, and snap!

If you’re like me and can’t resist having people in your shot, then you can really have some fun.

Firstly get acquainted with your space, enjoy it. Look where the light is falling and see where to best position the camera. Take a few warm ups and then decide what you want to get out of the view.

The kids needed exercise so this was a great opportunity to meet nature with motion.

Lifestyle photography poppy Sussex 1

Sun kissed

Below, before I took this shot, I saw how the was the light was hitting the poppies. I moved the girls into the viewpoint and you can see how nicely their hair is kissed by the sun. This type of light I find reminiscent of impressionistic art.

Lifestyle photography Sussex 2

The one below I want to take credit for, but I can’t. My husband’s creative juices couldn’t hold themselves in and so he took a few himself. I love this shot. I almost feel a panging for some Flake chocolate (showing my age here).

Poppy lifestlye shoot

I don’t think that poppy field experience would be right without saying hello for a close up. So as the kids headed back to the cooled off car, I put on my 50mm lens. It was a bit of a challenge with a gentle breeze blowing, but it had to be done. Just me and the poppies.

Poppy field

What about you?

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