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Creating Product Photography

My first ever launch into product photography was back in my twenties. It seemed very bland and unexciting to me. At the time photographing stereo equipment or the latest bathroom furniture for some corporate firm, didn’t give me the buzz that photographing a live person would give me. Products lacked soul, they seemed very uninteresting.

However twenty years on, something had changed. It started to happen when I got into networking. As I continually met people in business who shared their excitement and passion about their products and merchandise, I found myself in turn, excited. I realised that the story behind the business made the photography much more interesting. So no matter the subject, it became about the story for me.

So photographing objects became a thing of beauty, especially once I learnt about the creative journey of the owner. In this case, Brighton based chocolate artist, Ev Day of Chocadyllic.


To be asked to photograph chocolate art, being a bit of a chocolate lover myself, was a joy. I had already been truly astounded at the incredible work I had seen her produce. Ev’s passion for the design of her sculptural pieces, and her attention to detail are truly impressive. Being inspired by architecture has led her to create some real show stoppers, such as her chocolate Brighton Bandstand and her rather awesome Shard cake.

Yes, I have also had the pleasure of trying out some delicious Chocadyllic cake in the time I have known Ev.  But she’s not really regarded as a cake maker, she’s a chocolate artist. Why? Because she takes chocolate to the next level.


The creative process

Ev Day only uses Belgium chocolate and has taken trouble to study it’s sculptural behaviour. She ultimately respects the chocolate, it bends to her command, and her Chocadyllic brand is growing as a consequence. I wonder what her next masterpiece challenges of 2015 will bring to the table!

Product photography is a sheer joy when you know the story of the person’s creative journey. I was pleased to know of the Chocadyllic journey and be a part of it photographically.


Our Photo Session

We set up in Ev’s lovely kitchen one morning, it was only a few days after Paris had experienced such a devastating week of news. Fear and confusion had spread across the city and the world was watching. When we had set the date for the photo session, we could not have predicted that Paris, the city that symbolises love, was to encounter such a threat to its sense of liberty.

I pondered reflectively at the chocolate Eiffel tower standing proudly on the table. It really was a masterpiece and we had both fussed to get things right in the environment for it to sit in. In the background of the kitchen, Ev had asked me if I was happy to have her place her recipe holder of two black love birds, to the left of her cooker. It seemed just right, and I kept the birds in some of the shots, as the one above. It somehow created a much needed balance.


Eiffel Tower - Chocadyllic - Ev Day

Product Photography for your business

I notice as I progress through any photo shoot, a certain connection with the subject I’m photographing hits me. Of course lighting is essential, but the shapes and forms come alive to me with a new appreciation. My camera moves effortlessly to capture it. It’s a wonderful moment where action becomes effortless.

What’s more exciting about this is the prospect that this will help the business hugely. Quality photography is essential for businesses to show off who they are and what they do. Once you have it, you can use it for press or any publication and social media platform. Without it you just aren’t going to stand out.

Do you need product photography for your business? Please contact me and we can see what packages I can offer dependant on your needs. Quality photography in business is vital as it gives your business visibility. Allow me to help you.

Product Photography - Chocadyllic

Sophie Sheinwald is an established Brighton Based photographer who loves to help businesses with their PR photography, corporate events, professional head shot and product photography.


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