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Hello I’m Sophie
I create engaging photography that resonates through the camera lens.
Contact me and tell me about your story and see what people say.

2022/3 – Inside Out – How to resonate your purpose through the camera lens.

March 2020 – #2020visionproject UK photographers
capture portraits of healthcare workers #behindthemask  
A tribute to their dedication to patient care!

July 2019 – #GenerationShare, an inspiring visual story book on
what global changemakers are doing to uplift the planet.

Personal Brand – Food Photography
How seeing is feeling The aim of food photography is simple. Make it look tasty. After all, we feel photos don’t we? An image faces...
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Personal Brand – Product Photography
MAKERS, MAKING, MAGIC Beautifully designed products are infused with a joy of creativity. I believe that this aliveness of energy, brings a magic into the...
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Personal Brand Photography
Before my camera comes out for a headshot or personal brand photography session, about 80% of people say that they don't like being photographed....
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Creating engaging photography
Let me help you create authentic visual stories for your marketing.