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What’s all the fuss over bump photography?

It’s just quite incredible to think how viewpoints change and evolve. Photographer Annie Leibowitz set in motion a trend that has transformed portraiture since 1991. Demi more’s naked bump inspired women to think differently about their pregnant bodies. Prior to that a woman would cover her bump in what could only be described as a tent. She would no way consider a photo session to mark the potential birth of her child.

Today proudly showing your bump off in a tight fitting dress is very acceptable. I certainly enjoyed being able to flaunt my bump in the final trimester. I got so much lovely attention, however once you’ve had your baby you’re just in the back seat. Well all that glowing bump admiration was really about them anyway!

My one regret though was that I didn’t personally organise a bump shoot to mark a time that was quite incredible. I remember seeing a beautiful bump portrait hanging up on a friend’s wall, and realised I only had a few silly ones tucked away somewhere.

As a photographer, I can now vicariously enjoy the results of what I once wished for myself. There is something so very beautiful about the bump and more importantly the smile of intense joy I get from the mother to be.

What’s involved in bump photo session?

Firstly there is the very important consultation. We discuss what you are looking for. I have found that most mums who are interested in a bump shoot tend to be intelligent and creative, they have an idea of how they want to be presented. The shoot is tailored to your personality, it is this connection that inspires creativity. I actually consider the photo session to be an artist project, so before I paint with light, I like to get an idea of what shots to plan for the setting.

Do I have to get naked like Demi?

Absolutely not! You get the photo session to suit you, there are many ways to be creative, many. But this we can discuss.

How big should my bump be to be?

I have noticed bump sizes differ so much from mum to mum. It’s from about seven months onwards where you start to show nicely. Just try not to leave it till the end of the last trimester!

bump photo session

What about my other half?

Yes, yes your husband or partner is very much welcome in the photo session. It’s totally about the relationship. in fact that’s possibly why I love portraiture so much, capturing the special connections.

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Children are very welcome too of course. I have even had enquires about including pets, then it becomes less about mum and more about family, that’s ok too.

How long does it take?

Weather your photo session takes place on location or in a studio set up at your home, the session usually takes from two to three hours. You just can’t rush this and when you are heavily pregnant you tend to need more breaks. We can book more time if necessary depending on your requirements, you may want to consider some outdoor shots in a nearby loved location.

What about my horrid marks and blemishes?

If you are showing some or all of your bump during the photo session, you may be concerned about those blemishes and marks that tend to appear during pregnancy for many women. I can handle all that for you after the session in my digital photo lab.

So why should I photograph my bump?

Well you may not be a supermodel or a famous actress, but you are you. You are unique. Womanhood is so very special and motherhood is a gift. As your family grows, you will find these treasured moments are so warming to look back on. My children love looking back at photographs of them and so will yours. Why not just pop me a quick email I’ll call you back.


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