How seeing is feeling

The aim of food photography is simple. Make it look tasty. After all, we feel photos don’t we? An image faces us and then it translates into an emotional response. So if you love food, then good food photography will make you want to eat. So I do hope this article about Middle Eastern favourites of Filfil cafe, Brighton, will entice you.

Filfil’s falafel in Pitta

Food Stories

Get me on the subject of food and with very little encouragement I could talk with you for days. Food has so many stories. It not only nourishes the body, it ties memories to its aromas and flavours. Then there is the much revered recipes, where someone has generously shared the magic of how those ingredients dance together.

My family is rich with recipes with its roots in the Middle East and India and my mother has often shared recipes – mostly estimated measures! She demonstrates amounts with various hand gestures as her mother did for her, “Just sooooo much darling.”, she’d say. I can imagine it was similar for Filfil’s owner, Amal Cashin and I was delighted to work with her.

For Amal, food, recipes and meaningful conversations with people is a passion. Her journey to Brighton from Haifa, along with her Middle Eastern, Palestinian recipes from home, has kept her connected to her family. She opened Filfil almost 10 years ago to share the food that delights her. And it indeed delights others, as the very mention of ‘that cute place in the North Laine of Brighton’, meets with delight on people’s faces.

Amal Cashin, owner of Filfil Cafe

Food Photography Session

Amal wanted some food photography, mainly to feature, the vegan doner kebab. She told me that after experimenting with the texture and flavours, she came up with a tasty result worthy of adding to the menu. It’s now launched officially and people are enjoying it!

Vegan Doner, Filfil Cafe, Food photography
Vegan Doner on A-board, Filfil cafe
Chef at Filfil Cafe, Brighton

Taste of the Middle East

The photo session was a great opportunity to capture the wonderful Middle Eastern food that Filfil offers, this includes their very delicious falafel and humous made from her family recipe passed down over generations. 

Falafel and Humous at Filfil Cafe

As the photo shoot progressed through the day, I became surrounded by a mezze of delicious offerings from the Filfil menu. A pleasure to photograph but of course a delight to eat! Do go and visit.

Baba ganoush, Filfil Cafe, Food photography
Filfil Cafe, Food photography

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