Beautifully designed products are infused with a joy of creativity. I believe that this aliveness of energy, brings a magic into the lives of people who then own them. I find that this also makes buying more meaningful. When you’ve bought with thought, it’s value multiplies.

The joy of personal brand photography for me is the ability tell a compelling visual story, this creates a beautiful connection between the product and the buyer.

Scott Millar Jewellery – Emotive Product Photography

Product photography, simply put, is a way to recognise a product and help us decide on whether we want to buy it. Personal brand photography is about getting to know the artist and what they create. Emotive product photography helps uncover the uniqueness of the products by understanding the full story.


Scott wanted fresh photos for his website rebrand, socials and print media. The first stop for me was to get to know his products. Scott’s jewellery is exquisite and fun. He plays with colours and uses gems to reflect mood and give a heart-centred meaning.

One enjoyable part of my job is client collaboration. As I get to understand the personality of the products or services, the visual story opens up. That’s why it’s personal brand photography as it gets to the heart of the business.

Scott Millar, Artist, Jewellery Maker

For the photography, my aim was create an emotive visual story for Scott. I wanted brand photography that would help his potential clients picture themselves wearing his lush contemporary designs.

After storyboarding ideas, we booked in two shoots. One photo session took place in his workshop and the other was for his jewellery to be modelled in amongst nature, to reflect the dance of rich hues in his gems.  

THE PHOTO SHOOT – Nature Location

Our first session took place at the Rockery in Brighton. During my recce of the site, I could see it offered us all the colours and textures we needed.

When I arrive at a location for a shoot, I never have it all worked out, I like to let the space breathe and allow for some spontaneity. It’s both technical and magical. In the Rockery, I could see how the colours in the space reflected the colours of the gems. It was a thoroughly enjoyable shoot.

Scott Millar – beautiful ring piece photographed on the water
Amelia and Jada modelling during the photo session at the Rockery, Brighton
Jada modelling Scott Millar Earrings

THE PHOTO SHOOT – Workshop Location

Scott loves his workshop space, his hive of creativity. His eyes would light up whenever he talked about it. I wanted to capture Scott in the flow of his work, surrounded by the tools of his trade.

Birds eye view of Scott Millar’s workshop
Scott Millar in his jewellery workshop
Scott Millar creating jewellery designs

Scott has a gorgeous rescue dog called Denzil who had to make an appearance during the photo session. Dogs are often part of the work life of many people I photograph and I love to include pets whenever relevant.

Scott with Denzil


The photography has definitely made a difference for Scott and it’s wonderful to see how he’s used the photos. I had the opportunity to see him at The Maker’s Fair, where he said that he’s been getting more enquiries since using his photography and that’s what I want for my clients, ROI.

Use of photography print media photography

personal brand photographer Sophie Sheinwald
Sophie Sheinwald