While reflecting during this past lockdown, I’ve been wondering whether we are going through an interesting kind of evolution – a sort of search and discovery for therapeutic upliftment.

Upliftment describes the phenomena of rising above the difficulties in life and improving one’s condition and sense of self. There’s been an incredible growth in this area, especially over the past 20 years. People are recognising they need help to strive forward, so it’s no wonder there’s been an increase in life coaches.

Coaches are passionate and committed to helping others to find their purpose, recognise their value and lift them to a place so they can be in better control. Much of the ethos behind coaching, seems to be inspired by ancient spiritual philosophies as well as modern day neuroscience and positive psychologies.

Since the 1950s ancient wisdom has increasingly danced across the globe and into people’s hearts to help individuals get though life’s difficulties. Today more and more people are embracing the enhancement of knowledge of the art of living. Life is something that definitely needs more understanding – we are such complex beings held together in a rich, dark tapestry, which each of us has the opportunity to fathom.

I believe we are living in a very interesting, curious and exciting age. Especially this past year, the pandemic has laid bare each of our wounds and increased the need for more understanding and compassion.

Are we are finally taking an honest look at ourselves?

I believe the more we get help to look and observe our patterns, the more we can be free to explore the areas that we are happy to experience. Health isn’t just the systems of our bodies flourishing, but includes the health of our mind and and strength of spirit. So it helps to have a helping hand to gain focus and direction.

Today we have open access to uplifting courses and inspiring motivational speakers. What has evolved? Not only are entrepreneurs getting help from coaches, but even in the largest of corporations, coaches are being brought in to help improve the mindfulness of their employees. So there’s a coach out there to match your needs.

The Boost Project

Helen Zeida is one such coach and is the founder of The Boost Project. She provides personal and team coaching. She has built clever tools from her wealth of experience, to uplift people. Helen has taken her observations of working in healthcare and education, into the world of personal development.

personal brand photo session
The Boost Club workshop participants

When I met Helen I could instantly see how comfortable she could make others. I’ve seen the inspiring way she works first hand, through photographing her visual story. Helen needed a personal brand photo session for her website and social media marketing. Before we booked in her photo shoot, we spent time mapping out what her business needed. The more you ask questions, the more you discover, the more the story opens up.

personal brand photo session
Helen Zeida, personal development coach and trainer

How did the Boost Club get started?

“The Boost Project is from my lifetime’s work with people and personal development. I’ve learnt a valuable thing or two and want to share it with the world. I work with individuals and with teams, often in education, health and social care. I have been a residential home manager and have led extremely demanding projects and I understand the pressures. A main focus of Boost is supporting all the key-workers, managers and leaders out there, to boost their own confidence and energy – and that of their team.” 

“Positivity is contagious and Boost helps keep the good people going and lifts the spirits, stamina and skills of people who keep our world going.”

I offer dynamic and innovative approaches to empowering individuals and teams, through coaching, training and events. I help people feel better, so they can think, feel and do better in life and work. Sounds simple – yet it’s the first stage for my clients who want to let go of the past and move forwards into a more empowered future. Life can be a rollercoaster that can bring on the fear, not the thrills. Ups and downs are to be expected. However we can improve our experience of life and work using positively powerful (and practical) tools and strategies.”

personal brand photo session
Helen Zeida running one of her workshops in Brighton.

“I want to bring the benefits of skilled, effective and down to earth coaching and training to where it matters most – especially now.”

What motivates you to do the work you do?

“A belief that we can make the world a better place by supporting each other to feel, think and do better. I had great teachers in the people with learning disabilities, I first worked with 30 years ago. One particular woman, close to my heart, named Sarah, showed me what was important in life and how to get joy from even the most challenging of situations. I learnt to have an inclusive heart and to stand up for people and value diversity.

Since then I have trained in a vast amount of ways to shift energy to create empowering experiences of life for everyone. I believe that we all have this right to feel free and a responsibility to create positive waves in the world for all our benefit. Society’s labels or self imposed barriers can be lifted, as people’s spirits are lifted. More becomes possible. My lifetime’s work is wrapped up in this project. My aim is to inspire and support all of us to have the tools and courage to live free, full empowered lives.” 

personal brand photo session

What does connection mean to you? 

Connection makes the world go round. If we are clear and clear in ourselves and our intentions, we can create quality connections. The practice of positively choosing who we are being and how we are connecting with others enhances all our relationships. If we can skilfully manage ourselves, then we are able to boost others and spread that energy – it’s contagious! When we are connecting truly from the heart, with good intentions. That has the power to create a better experience, a brighter world, and gives our lives purpose.

Helen Zeida with a meter - personal brand photography

How important is connection in the work that you do?

“It is at the heart of everything. As a coach, the core focus of all my work is highlighting and developing people’s potential. I get to celebrate and support adults as they positively transform their lives and the opportunity to boost self-belief and adaptability in young people. The connection between me and my clients (and the relationship we develop in sessions) is absolutely central to everything we do together. In workshops, the first stage, is to help a group feel connected to being present, to each other and to the purpose of our time together. In events, what we often remember afterwards, is how we connected with others and the experience.

I believe that we all connect with more quality if we are feeling good about ourselves; in the moment, free from distractions and in flow. Connection deepens if we invest energy in ourselves and our relationships to others. Connecting with people, through life and work, also fuels me. It allows me to grow, be playful and explore this freely available ‘spice of life’.”

Why is photography important to your work? 

“Photography captures moments in time. Visual images are so powerful and they definitely bring my senses alive!
I LOVE photos that capture the connection between people or between them and an experience they are having. To view a quality photograph can lift the spirits and elevate aspirations. They can literally shift someone’s perspective to a more aware or enlightened understanding of themselves or the world. The ability of photos to boost our mood is magical, where I can use photos to tell my story and show what I do; then that is extremely valuable for me. Your personal brand photo session, provided that value more than any photographer I have ever worked with Sophie. I thank you for your skill in connecting with my meaning.”

personal brand photo session

I’ll be sharing more stories of wisdom, dedication, compassion through the wonderful entrepreneurs I have had the opportunity to photograph.  

Do you need to capture your story? Do your photos need updating? Whether your need a fresh headshot or personal brand photo session, let’s get in touch.