The story of how I won the Mumpreneurs Networking Club competition

When I started a membership with the wonderful Mumpreneurs Networking Club, little did I know how much fun it would be and how the sheer lightheartedness of the group would rub off onto me!

MNC 5000 photographed by Sophie Sheinwald
The Mumpreneurs strike a pose for the MNC 5000 postcard

At one particular meeting held in Lewes, run by the lovely Mumpreneur Jane Hames, I was led to saying “yes” and entering into a ‘design a postcard’ competition. It was to celebrate 5000 through the doors of the Mumpreneurs Networking Club (MNC). Initially I had no intention of entering, but then I was approached by fellow Mumpreneur, Julie Mann independent Arbonne consultant. With an audacious and spirited smile she said “I’ve got this great idea! Would you like to do the photos for it?”, and I thought “Why not!”

So with this unexpected project born and the deadline just around the corner, a number of volunteers were gathered and timetabled in for a photo shoot. Now Julie’s idea was to get the Mumpreneurs together and form them into the MNC letters. Off I went to do a bit of research and discovered that dancers do this ABC shape thing rather well in colourful lycra. Now I wasn’t working with the agility and adeptness of performers, or indeed lycra, however, I was working with business folk that were up for a bit of fun! I also wanted to show a connection to their business within the composition, so each candidate brought related props. Accountant, Alison Jones brought monopoly money and a calculator, The Clothes Lady, Sarah Greg brought one of her garments, Teresa Hamilton owner of East is East brought some of her home products, Little Fidgets owner, Lucy Amos brought with a sombrero and flags, Julie brought some Arbonne skincare, but what about Utility Warehouse’s Stuart Ritchie?

Men in Mumpreneurs?

Yes, Mumpreneurs Networking Club do not exclude men! However I did wince at thought of Stuart being photographed with a comprehensive utilities bill, not terribly exciting. Then Sarah, reminded me that the Utility Warehouse logo has a pig in it. The idea was just too good, would Stuart go for a live pig? Well, within just a few hours of contacting Stuart, we had a pig booked in, and a pink one at that, thanks to the kindness of Snakes Harbour farm in Sussex.

I do love photographing animals, dogs, cats, horses etc, but I had never before photographed a pig. On arrival to the farm I thought I’d pop my smartphone on video mode and very lightheartedly filmed the story. Bear in mind, it’s no Danny Boyle production but it’s my first photography video blog and I do hope you enjoy…

Oh! and the final design?

I had initially asked a willing Mumpreneur to help me design ‘The Big 5000’ part of the postcard, however she got extremely busy. Thankfully I’m married to a talented designer and branding guru, Ashley from Planet Interactive, who helped me put my ideas into form! I wanted to have various businesses in the shape of the 5000 and sponged a bit of expertise to complete the winning postcard!

Sophie Sheinwald winning postcard
The winning postcard thanks to great teamwork!

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4 thoughts on “Mumpreneurs Networking Club

  1. I'd like to thank the pig for being such a willing (?) volunteer!

    It was great fun doing the shoot and Sophie has produced a fantastic design. I'm proud to have been a part of it (and I've nearly stopped smelling of pig!).

    1. Oh yes my nostrils held in the smell for days, I'm more a fan of horses!
      It was great working with you Stuart x

  2. Brilliant Sophie!! Thanks for being open enough to go through with my idea, after all that was the first time we'd met!

    1. Jules I'm indebted, you sparked a creation and the best part is you're in it!
      Hope you saw my credit to you xxx

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