Sophie Sheinwald Photography – capturing scenes

Some of Sophie Sheinwald Photography’s clients have been requesting her landscape photography work for their walls, so this page is especially for them.

Norway landscape photography - Sheinwald

Why Landscape photography?

Photography doesn’t just stop at family life, events and corporate subjects. For Sophie Sheinwald, has gotten inspired by scenes from our beautiful global landscape during her travels. Sometimes the scene just speaks, without the need for a person to be physically posed in front of it.

Sophie has visited the serene vineyards of lower Austria, enjoyed the buzzing streets of Berlin and experienced the incredibly powerful Norwegian landscape. It is also from home that she enjoys the buzz of Brighton life and it’s nearby magnificent Sussex Downs. If the landscape speaks, she captures it.

Have you ever noticed?

There is something about landscape that communicates something to you. It’s when a viewpoint comes alive more than any other, the light hits the scene, and that is the moment to take the shot. With landscape photography it’s a wondrously different technique compared to portrait or event photography. It is a much slower, steadier pace. It’s more about distance of space. What’s more special is that each of us can create an entirely different scene from a similar viewpoint! Inspiring isn’t it?

Norway landscape photography - Sheinwald

autumn landscape photography - sheinwald

Landscape photography - berlin

west pier brighton image

If you have any requests for Sophie Sheinwald‘s landscape photography work or other work, don’t hesitate to ask. Moreover you can commission Sophie with an idea to promote a rural area’s beauty or urban area’s liveliness.