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How vital is corporate photography to social media and marketing?

With the evolution of social media, things have gotten very interesting. Our ability to promote ourselves, like I am doing right now in writing this post, has enabled a marketing revolution. We can now communicate as regularly as we’d like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or whichever platform enables us to grow. The power is in our hands and there’s never been a more vital time to get visually interesting.

Posts with images produce a 650% higher engagement rate than regular text posts.

Posts with images produce a 650% higher engagement rate than regular text posts according to the Adobe Digital Index. Interesting visuals not only help you stand out but speak volumes about your brand, your identity and your potential audience attraction.

What is Visual storytelling?

Visual Storytelling is a relatively new term to marketing. It’s the creation of powerful, authentic imagery for promotional channels. To catch people’s attention in this information-overloaded world, a growing business needs to stand out. Having a resource of relevant, visually interesting photography can help.

“Brands that use visual content have found that it encourages greater engagement with their customers.” Getty images

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How about stock photo libraries?

Stock photography can provide a fantastic source of visual material for your business. However, I’ve had entrepreneurs tell me about spotting their chosen image on a competitor’s website. Others have said that they don’t quite find the exact visual message that they would ideally like to have.

Remember, your brand and your story is unique. Having photographs that convey your USP*, is clever marketing. So consider hiring a photographer to help you tell your own bespoke visual story, for your website, app or marketing in general.

“One of the most important stories you will ever tell is your entrepreneurial story. Your ability to do this well will have a direct impact on your success.” Forbes

So if telling your story is a vital component to your success, then your photography had better match. Moreover, if what we now thirst for is the discovery of the entrepreneurial journey, then photographers like me better be ready to provide that service.

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The Better Wellbeing System, designed by entrepreneur Claire Robilliard.

In my next blog, I’ll present some of my clients as case studies and that wholehearted connection that imbues photography. Visual storytelling is my focus, so if you are looking to create a palette of visual material to use for your marketing, contact me to book in a free 15-minute skype consultation.  

Sophie Sheinwald helps entrepreneurs tell their visual stories to enable them to grow and succeed. She also takes bookings for events and bespoke portrait sessions.

*USP – unique selling point

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