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Photography has the potential to create powerful imagery for marketing. So it’s essential to find a suitable event photographer who will fully understand your needs and deliver to your requirements.  This can be quite a task when you’ve so many things to organise for your event. That’s why I put together these 9 helpful tips.

Whether you’re a comms manager, a marketing coordinator or an event coordinator, you’ll need to put your trust in a photographer to fully cover your events. Corporate events are a brilliant marketing opportunity and photographs can be used for, PR publications, social media channels and website pages.

So what should you know?


People can underestimate the level of communication a photographer needs to have. Although a photographer must have the technical ability to produce results, they also need communication skills to ensure things are fully understood and that the event run smoothly.


A photographer who wants to deliver the best results, wants to be prepared. This may all be on your brief, but things like the event space may need some research if they’ve not photographed there before.


You want to ensure your photographer is going to be punctual. In fact, you probably want your photographer to arrange arrival before the event starts. You don’t want to be concerned about any lateness.

Full Coverage

During the event, it is vital to cover the networking, speakers, audience engagement, awards, sponsors, VIPs and any key headshots. Your photographer is responsible for capturing engaging imagery.  You want arresting imagery, engaging speakers, interested delegates, the whole story needs to be covered.

Calmness in the hubbub

During any conference, there can be a lot going on, you’ll want your photographer to understand the full line up of the event. It’s important for them to be efficient, with the ability to follow your brief successfully. You’ll also want them to allow for some spontaneity. Events that don’t always go according to plan, sometimes the unexpected happens. A calm photographer that has the ability to work under pressure is ideal.

Going that extra mile

You may have thought of everything in your photography brief. The photographers that stand out are the ones who think on their feet, come up with ideas that you may not have thought of. This adds greater value. A photographer who is willing to see other potential shots is worth hiring again.

Quick turnaround

Another aspect is the swiftness of the results. It is likely that you will need your photographic results to have a fast turnaround. Ensure your photographer has the tools to be able to deliver the photos as swiftly as you need them. Often professionals offer photography in tandem with the event for social media use.


Photography is an investment but the cost is a factor. Fees can range from one photographer to the next. Once you’ve narrowed down to two or three professional photographers, then look at costings. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for the price. Ensure that the photographic results include all the best shots, the postproduction editing and importantly the copyright. You don’t want any hidden charges.


A good index of value is what other people have experienced. Looking at the recommendations that your prospective photographer has received will help enormously in your final decision. LinkedIn thankfully has recommendations that can be backed up by individuals in organisations.

With event photography, it’s more than just pretty pictures. It’s a working relationship. So good luck in choosing and share this article with anyone in deliberation over choosing a photographer for their event!

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