A positive project

Back in the warmth of the summer, I was asked to co-create a photography book called Generation Share with my good friend Benita Matofska.

Benita Matofska - Sharing Economy expert

I had already been working with Benita, photographing her profile shots as well as at speaking engagements relating to the sharing economy, her expertise. So I guess I became accustomed to her passion in terms of the sharing economy and the potential she sees it has to improve life for everyday people. It’s something many of us are a part of and may not even realise it, from sharing a car journey with a stranger to swapping clothes.


Can I trust you?

In these rather tumultuous times, it’s difficult to imagine a world with trust. We are living in a challenging climate. Sharing our resources involves a trust. So when Benita asked me to join her on this journey, I couldn’t refuse.

The book

The photography book we are creating is called Generation Share, it’s aim is to document the amazing people behind the sharing, the people who are making a difference within their communities. I really can’t think of a more appropriate time to be involved in such a project. So far we have met some amazing people and we are looking forward to visiting more places to capture more stories.

Mary - Generation Share
Mary Valiakas – Content Innovation Director & Socioeconomic think-tank boss. Currently rebooting Greece
Jerusalem-school - generation share
Haitham S Deeb – footballer and teacher, East Jerusalem

A Repair café set up at the LX factory in Lisbon for the Organii sustainability event

Kickstarter campaign

To help us reach the people we want to document we initiated a Kickstarter campaign to get us across Europe. We’ve already started the journey! We do need more help, so if you’ve read to this point, thank you and please click to our Kickstarter and be part of the journey. Generation Share has in fact, become a media project as well as a photography book, a journey of hope to meet the people worldwide, who are creating a society based around sharing.

Let’s be part of making the world a global community built on trust.

Sophie Sheinwald brings entrepreneurs stories to life and tells their visual story with photography.