Windswept on Brighton Seafront

I should have brought my wellies for starters, but I was so excited to get to the seafront this morning. Well I thought my red Fly boots would do the trick, they’re a bit wet now!


So I joined in with the many other photographers, both amateur and professional, who were leaping about for the best positions, waiting for the crush of the waves to say hi. An opportune day for photography indeed.

I could just about hear the kids shouting for joy within the gust of win asking for turns to take photos. I briefly squeezed a hug with a fellow windswept snapper and then we continued on our quest. I decided to stick around the West Pier and giggled as the gusts threatened to move my position.

Brighton_storm_Oct-2013_054_1 copy

Possibly the most photographed 24 hours in this vicinity. Brighton’s seafront offers an incredible choice of photography. The keen breeze does your ears in after a while. It was not even cold but the sheer force of the constant blasting of air, manifests an uncomfortable pain. Despite this a feeling of being a child again. I could see smiles on peoples faces, they were very glad they came to experience this.

Were you there? Did you brave it?




Sophie Sheinwald is a professional photographer based in Brighton. Her specialities involve, events PR and head shots. Seafront Photography in Brighton is a bonus!