Should we start this game already? #blogvember

I never thought this would happen to me but I did get bitten by this awful bug once I had children. This is the time of year I tend to go nipping into shops, on my way to, or from somewhere. The purpose is simple, to get little fun, semi-useful gifts that make little ones smile. Then my job is to hide them somewhere really really secret, only to forget where I put them. It’s become a tradition.

We do a kind of Chrismukkah at ours, no tree but crackers and definitely latkas and donuts. It’s a fun time, if a little annoying when the two festivities don’t sync. This year Chanukah falls on the eve of the 27th November. Lucky lucky kids, unlucky purse.


So, what do you wish for? The tradition of gifts and present giving remains a task for most of us. We search for something unique for our loved ones, something special. Difficult isn’t it?

I’ve come up with a plan that may suit some of you, and that is to create a photograph with a special quote. The client can select a shot from their gallery or one of my landscapes, then they choose a quote that means something to them. I superimpose the text on the image and a print or product can be created. It’s a new service and seriously bespoke, so if you’re interested you’ll need to give me a shout to go over your ideas.

Some examples for you…

Some people choose a quote, whereas others happily create their own. The result is something quite unique for your loved one.

Photo of dog with quote


baby photo quote

Couple_40 years- photo session

Tempted to try this out then give me a shout.

Sophie Sheinwald specialises in PR, event photography and portraits and accepts commissions across the UK.