Wedding photography-bride-pearls

Here comes the bride

I do thrive on event photography, but what remains to be the most classic of all events is certainly the wedding. So much excitement is held over this incredible day to ensure that the desired effect is created. Most of the attention of course goes to the bride and what she’ll be wearing. The dress just sets off such a buzz where a mere woman becomes a princess for the day.

Here’s the story of how I ended up with dreamy photos of beautiful brides.

Brighton Bridal Photo Session

Wedding photography-bride-dreamy sky

Well it was a marvellous day in late February and the Brighton storms had subsided. I had  a day booked to photograph some lovely models with some really stunning dresses and accessories from Sussex Bridal Services. Make up artist Shahida of S R Bridal organised the afternoon, showing off her ability to make stunning smokey eyes and amazing hair. Sarah of Harmony Events brought in bridal bouquets and with all those ingredients in a studio, some lovely photography resulted.

In a studio space one can transform lighting readily to create a lovely feel, and feeling tends to be central to what I think photography is all about. Every photo you’ve ever looked at has resonated something with you. When I style and light a photo, it’s a feeling I’m looking for right before I click.

Bridal inspired with dreamy clouds

Wedding photography-bride-Brighton

It was after the really intense shoot, whilst I filtered through my favourites that something rather fun happened. I could have kept the images I liked with the white of the studio backdrop, but after a happy accident whilst editing I discovered something dreamy. Two images together collided whilst editing. The beautiful brides look became more magical. Thankfully I have been photographing a stock of landscapes and chose a few cloudy skies to create these unique backdrops. It’s given the photography a lovely reflective quality matching the princess feel that the dress lends itself to.

Wedding photography-bride-sky-sussex

What about you?

If you think this is something you’d like to have, I’ve decided to offer this photography as an additional service. It’s aimed primarily at brides but can be for women who want to put on that amazing dress and have some fun in a studio setting. It’s something just a little different. So you’ll have to ask me for a special dreamy photo session. Brides, you can always arrange a session post the wedding, when things have calmed down.

Your feedback is welcome, thank you.

Sophie Sheinwald photographs a variety of weddings and the focus doesn’t have to be on the bride if that’s not your thing. She likes to tailor her style to your thinking. So if you’re looking for something a little different from the usual boundaries of wedding photography do contact her.  In the meantime take a look at her gallery.