Family ticket!

Well I’ll be honest with you, despite living in the city of one of the most outstanding firework displays in the UK, I just hadn’t been. Yes, I had enjoyed the views from the outer streets with a glass of mulled wine and some friends. This year was different and despite my youngest’s reticence for loud noise, we bought our family ticket to Sussex Cricket Ground, fireworks ahoy!

Last minute decision

I was initially inclined to leave my camera at home. Well actually I did. However, once I felt the growing electric atmosphere, I found myself heading back home to quickly grab my equipment. I was so pleased I had. Seeing people interact is a joy for me, that’s why event photography is one of my┬áspecialities.


Tribute acts kept us entertained and I caught “Amy Winehouse” shrill to the crowds, whilst kids ate hot dogs and candy floss.

Fireworks-hove - cricket -2013



A bit of a surprise

Juice Brighton’s lovely Hanna Neter and the voice of cricket, Graham Woodward warmed the crowd up further after the tribute acts. To make things a bit more interesting, a competition hoax was created for the night. On stage came the ‘competition winners’, a couple. However rather than a gift, came a small piece of sparkly jewellery. A romantic ruse in the form of a marriage proposal. She said yes luckily. The crowd went wild… well conservatively jolly.






Fireworks too?

Then the fireworks that make Sussex Cricket Ground one of the leaders in delightful pyrotechnics.



Oh, and on leaving we even got serenaded! Really, how much romance can a girl take!


Truly this was a great decision and wonderful to see people who I know enjoying it too. A fun evening that I highly recommend to anyone. Oh, and my youngest didn’t need the cotton wool and headphones we brought. She was quite happy with one of those expensive flashy plastic thingamies!

Sophie Sheinwald is a professional photographer based in brighton & Hove. She specialises in PR event photography, head shots and portraits. If you like her work please do say hi.