Ladies get back in that Dress!

After spending your well earned energies on the wedding, why not do something a little different? Rock the dress!

You may have found that the wedding celebrations were a whirlwind on the actual day. You may also have found that you had little time to really enjoy your wedding quite as much as you thought. Demands on the wedding day are so very high for both bride and groom.  So why not get back in that beautifully tailored dress on a day that suits you?

Rock the Dress - photo shoot Brighton
Graffiti grunge post wedding shoot

Celebrate the Dress

Chaps, you can use your suits for other formal occasions, but it’s the ladies who deserve another go at feeling both feminine and beautiful.

I took Jonny and Michelle around Brighton, hiring my designer husband Ashley, as my assistant and creative director. The couple had their wedding in beautiful Hertforshire, but suffered from an astonishingly rainy summer’s day. They had no outdoor shots. None! A real loss. However, Michelle really wanted some fun, innovative photographs with graffiti walls. She and her husband came to Brighton especially for the photo shoot.

Rock the Dress - graffiti photo shoot Brighton
Rock the Dress with James Brown graffiti wall

What UK Weather Brings!

Well the day came with hail that morning, so we were prepared with a nice large umbrella. There were enough sunshine moments to grab the graffiti shots before we headed off down the Brighton North Laines. Needless to say they created some very positive attention!

Post wedding photo shoot - Brighton Laines
Rock the Dress – Brighton’s North Laines

Centre of Attention

The beauty of the Rock the Dress photo shoot is that the couple can feel free. Michelle not only received compliments and congratulations from strangers, but it didn’t matter if her dress got a bit wet and muddy! Below, they had to hold a kiss for the camera, so we could get a feeling of stillness from them and movement from passers by.

Rock the Dress - Brighton North Laines
Kiss in the rain – Brighton North Laines

Creative Thought

Here’s one of the wonderful ideas from Ashley, I’m calling it “Chase the Bride”. Brighton Architectural Salvage made a fabulous backdrop.

Rock the Dress photo shoot - Brighton Laines
Rock the Dress in Brighton North Laines

Brighton & Hove Seafront

Then it was off to the beach to catch the last of the Sun.

Brighton & Hove seafront - photo shoot
Photo shoot Brighton & Hove seafront

If you like what you see then contact Sophie Sheinwald Photography for a Rock the Dress consultation or make it part of your wedding package.

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  1. Love love love this. The images are awesome and I love the way you express it. Looks like you had a ball and a great day led to some amazing images. Nice one.

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