Who gets your vote for a personal branding photo session? Now’s your opportunity to show that person how much you appreciate them. You can vote for their visibility so they can have one of my personal brand photo sessions.

How to make your entry?

All you need to do is tell me who you are voting for, what their work involves and why you’re voting for them. Factor in how those kind caring values show themselves.  You do not have to give me their details, if they win, I will contact you the voter. Just vote me by clicking…

I will not use your email for any data records, it’s just for this purpose!

You have till the 15th of March to vote for someone. By the end of March I will choose a winner.

My brand photo session will include a brand mapping session in which the winner will reveal more about their business. These details will be incorporated into the powerful bespoke photo session. 

Why am I doing this?

Valentines was coming up and it tends to be highjacked by sickly sweet love songs and contrived sentiment. I decided to put my attention on love represented by kindness and give out a reward to a business hero. I think that there’s nothing quite like the buzz of helping another receive something of value. So for a 2020 here’s my Valentine’s celebration, the gift of one of my personal brand photography sessions.

I’d like YOU to vote for a business owner, an entrepreneur or a hard -working individual you know of who has these values…  

Someone who is kind, cares for others, hardworking and brave. And as a result they are in your thoughts as someone you admire.

Why the Valentines?

Valentines Day was my excuse to release this gift. So I decided to look into the story. Valentine’s Day was originally called Lupercalia, a Roman festival celebrating the coming of spring. Aside from pagan rituals, the Romans had a lottery that brought couples together. Later on, as the story goes, a 5th century Pope was inspired to rename this mid February day, to mark St Valentine’s bravery. Valentine lived during the reign of Emperor Claudius. Claudius was no romantic and all his soldiers were banned from marrying their sweethearts. So St Valentines married lovers in secret and was put to death for his efforts.  So it seems Valentine had values similar to those I’m looking for for this quest – but without any death penalty! 

What is love?

For me love is about wavelengths. You may have noticed that we are constantly transmitting and receiving communication energies with each other. When we allow it, we each have the ability to feel the energy of others. You can probably think of times you received a flow from another person that made you squirm and times where it felt it free flowing, light and delicious.   

From my observation love has different wavelengths. It can feel gorgeously warm, open, kind and respectful. That’s the kind of love I like. Although these energy flows seem quite subtle, they are very loud when you tune into them. I use these observations a lot when I photograph people. I believe we transmit something of our energy into the camera that can be received when we look at a photograph. That’s why it’s a good idea to be comfortable during a photo session

Take this opportunity to value someone you care about. 

Sophie x