Perfection and Vulnerability 

Photo of sophie sheinwald at Lx factory Lisbon - article about headshot sessions
Me reflected at the Lx Factory Lisbon 2016

“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light get’s in.” Ok I’m not sure what Leonard Cohen meant exactly, but when I took a photo of his quote in Lisbon, the words just resonated. For me it says something about this thirst we have for perfection alongside the vulnerabilities we have about ourselves. 

When I talk to business founders about being photographed for a headshot or brand photo session, they often mention some body inadequacy that could potentially sabotage the shoot. It is mostly women who say such things. So if you’re a man reading this I am very keen for you to share your thoughts with me. Being photographed can be scary – even for me!

Forced to be visible 

headshot sessions by sophie sheinwald

I calculate that about 90% of my headshot clients get very concerned about the prospect of being photographed. 20 years ago a professional  headshot session was a rare addition to any business. Today we are expected to be visible throughout our marketing channels but it can be very unsettling to face the camera. 

How to get comfortable

What we see with our over-critical eye is often so very different from what we actually look like to others. It’s important to shake off your fears. There is plenty you can do to prepare you for a shoot and to get it so you’re happy with the results. Just ask me how. Also it’s a professional photographer’s job to help you feel comfortable during your photo session. I completely understand how awkward it can be to look at a camera lens. I like my photo sessions to be light and fun, so my clients can feel at ease.

Let that light through

The digital age has transformed photography and marketing. People want to see what we look like and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Our face tells a story, and it distinguishes ourselves from others and importantly, it’s an opportunity to connect. Despite the technological advances, the thing that remains the same is us, our personality and our uniqueness.  So the most important thing to wear to a headshot session is your smile – and I can certainly help you with that!

You don’t have to be perfect, but a professional eye will capture the best in you!