Brand Photography – Your Story

Brand photography

Who are you?

Having a brand and knowing who you are as a business, helps others to understand and engage in your story. Brand photography is a brilliant way to help you communicate your story to your audience. I can help you uncover the key elements of your narrative, so we can create engaging relevant brand photography.

The visual element

Great copy is very important. However, so many of us and have little time to read and we often have to skim through text. Emotive, relevant brand photography gives you an opportunity to direct attention towards the key areas of your business. It’s easy to be hidden in a saturated marketplace. It’s easier if you have the visual aid of photography to engage your potential audience.

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and brand and marketing managers to provide brand photography that makes businesses shine.

How brand photography builds your visual story


Who’s in the team? The founders, the team – we want to see them! No matter the size of your business, it’s great to have shots of the people who make the business happen. Seeing photographs of the team creates more connection.


Knowing your story can inspire the right concept to go for with your brand photography. What are you communicating? Does the photography need to be clean, natural, bold, dynamic or funky? This can help in creating a unique visual story.


What do you do? How do you help people? What are the highlights we can visually represent in a photo session so you can use the photography for your marketing?

Gate brand photography

Your Back Story

How about shooting the story of a typical day. How do you make your products or run your services and help people? Who do you work with? Who are your partners? What are the interesting highlights that personalise your business?

How I can help

There’s a lot to think about with visual storytelling. As a brand photographer, I also help businesses discover their unique visual story. It’s important to get your brand message aligned.

I provide a Visual Story Mapping session to help assert business focus, working relationships and vision. It’s an inside-out approach which and I run as 121s or in a group.

I work with the lead creators of businesses and enterprises so I can extract their passion into authentic, relevant photography.

Book in a free 15-minute discovery session.

Sophie Sheinwald is a Brighton based photographer. She covers events and branding working across the UK and Europe. She’s co-created an inspiring visual storybook called Generation Share alongside Sharing Economy expert,  Benita Matofska featuring changemakers who use a sharing ethos to help build a better world.