Well what makes a family… a family?

The celebration of the Jubilee inspired my June competition to win a bespoke home photo session tailored to two chosen families. It all got me thinking… what are the ingredients of the British family today?

It’s observable that somehow, the family unit with all it’s component parts, creates how our society functions. And however we choose to do it, that we’re contributing something back.

Certainly we are each born to some sort of a family. Each of us have had grown ups that had taken ownership over us with plenty to say about the rules of living and hopefully, if we were lucky, allowed us a say stuff back!

The traditional family keeps evolving. From era’s where it was common to have a truckload of children, to our spectacular multi-layered mishmash of gatherings that we have today. Families can be anything from an individual with their pet, to a group of related peoples.

If one was to build a family from scratch perhaps the recipe would involve a common purpose of caring and respecting each other’s growth and that despite any difficulties, and difficulties do come in abundance sometimes, that each member would learn how to help resolve them.

The modern family is like a fantastic new recipie made with love, it’s complicated and diverse with a hearty mix of traditions and a hint of cultural fusion.

Stephanie Anderson, teacher & mum

Like it or lump it, there’s some kind of bond that connects us, often with recipes, bad jokes and hugs. So I decided it just needs to be celebrated photographically for what it is!

My aim in the competition is to discover the individuality of family and that it would be just utterly fun to sit down and get a feel for how that unit operates. My aim is to capture something really special. It may even evolve into a pet project, discovering the British family photographically.

Have a great June folks!

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  1. I think this is great. What a wonderful concept and great way to express Britishness. Good luck withis this "pet" project and can't wait to see the results, please share here so we can all admire.

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