What’s Your Brand Story?

I love creating visual stories. Brand photography creates a series of photographic images targeted to complement your marketing strategy.

The success of brand photography lies in the communication between the photographer and the head of marketing or business owner. To make your visual story authentic and unique, I need to understand your brand story. Sometimes businesses get lost in the marketplace or lose sight of original aims. This is one of the reasons why I’ve started a vidual story mapping service. 

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What is a Visual Story Mapping Session?

This is a penetrating, goal orientated consultation that I started in February 2017.

During the Visual Story Mapping Session, you’ll get to outline the goals and content of your business brand story. It also helps set the intentions of your business so you can have a super effective photo session. The service takes not more than an hour. It’s very fairly priced and you’ll have no obligation to book a photo session with me. However, you will get a discount off any visual storytelling package if you do. 

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Visual Story Photography Services for business

My visual story photographic services include simple, natural headshots to more complex involved storytelling.

Headshot and brand hotography sessions including head shots start at just £125, details and price list, can be emailed, just contact me.

If you’re interested to discover more, we can have a free 15-minute telephone.

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