Envisioning your Brand

Visual storytelling is very key to the marketing world. I love helping entrepreneurs and enterprises tell their story visually to help them grow and succeed. The visual story is a major storytelling opportunity and as most of us know and has always been fundamental to human experience. We are now tapping into the marketing power of this.


Visual Storytelling

As a brand photographer, I love to help businesses discover their unique visual story.

I recommend trying my Visual Story Mapping session. This helps assert business focus, relationship and vision. It’s an inside-out approach which and I run 121 or in a group. This compliments my Visual Story photography sessions.

My approach is collaborative which creates powerful emotive brand photography.

I use specially developed coaching techniques to make you comfortable in any photo session. The results are a battery of professional photography for targeted marketing.

I work with the lead creators of businesses and enterprises so she can extract their passion into authentic, relevant photography.

Book in a free 15 minute discovery session.

Sophie Sheinwald is a Brighton based photographer. She covers events and branding working across the UK and Europe. She’s co-created an inspiring visual story book called Generation Share alongside Sharing Econimy expert,  Benita Matofska featuring changemakers who use a sharing ethos to help build a better world.