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No ordinary Sunday morning

No this Sunday was different, I was about to receive a beautiful mother into my studio. I had prepared a black backdropped space and tested out some dramatic lighting before I buzzed her in.

What was initially meant to be an outdoorsy family shoot, was swapped for a fun photo session photographing this lady. Anna’s husband had contacted me with the change of idea. He wanted Anna to book this photo shoot for herself. It was something she had wanted to try out for some time and this was her opportunity. With parents it’s often the children that get the focus, so I was happy to arrange a special photo session with her.

Where did that femme fatale feeling go?

It got me thinking. That wonderful responsibility of parenthood, that joy of participating in their growth, helping with their decisions and needs. Ah yes, and initially being up to the eyeballs in nappies, toilet training exercises, then onto school choice dilemmas, homework nagging, packed lunch foibles and countless other chores to add to a regular working life. Ironic how it all starts with sex but has the danger of becoming very unsexy. I do think sometimes women get lost in motherhood and loose sight of their unique womanhood.

Anna’s photo session made me realise, this isn’t just about being sexy for another, it’s about being assertive, liberated, and generous with oneself for a change.


The Empowering Photo Session

Cue music, cue lights and strike a pose. An escape from the normal everyday, it can be liberating. In our consultation, we went over the mood Anna wanted to convey. Photographing a portrait or a head shot is a two way process, it’s not just the photographer it’s a team effort. Anna did very well don’t you think?


I could see Anna’s strength of character come through as we progressed though different poses. The dramatic lighting enabled me to convey some very striking looks.

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lovely legs

Portrait photo session Brighton - Anna-

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