Brooklyn Bitch catches my eye

Four years ago I was cajoled by my youngest towards a Yorkie with clips in her hair. We were by the Brooklyn bridge. I knelt on the ground whilst my daughter cooed and gently touched the little dog. The viewpoint struck me and I started snapping. Oblivious to what would result.

Brooklyn Bitch, the first document of my canine capers – who knew?

I had been chaperoned across NY city by my cousin Aviva Maller, also a photographer. Later, when I took a peak at the back of the camera for the results, something tingled inside. At that moment I knew a project was born and I’ve been grateful of that time ever since.

Canine Exhibition

Our human relationship with dogs is so very interesting to me. It’s like no other. More so today as dog owners in the UK are freer than ever to go to a number of places that they previously couldn’t. I have been so focused on this special relationship, that I’ve inadvertently created a dog series celebrating this bond.

Back in March after watching a great performance at The Old Market in Hove, I got invited to exhibit my canine work on their walls. I was very chuffed and so continued to snap a few dogs on my travels until the exhibition was due to open. Well that day has come, the work will be up till early Jan 2015. So if you’re a dog lover and in Brighton, do pop by and take a peak.

Phase photo and Sophie Sheinwald
Faye @PhasePhoto snapping me whilst I photographed Winston at Hove beach.

So Do I have a Dog?

I do get asked a lot, “So do you have a dog?”, I say “No… not yet!”. Back in March I started to survey Brighton dog owners. I asked them what are the top reasons to get a dog. I found 8 reasons why I ought to get a dog, and you can read that blog if you want to know what results came up.

Taking me for a walk
Being pulled to the next dog

Sophie Sheinwald is a Brighton based photographer, other than photographing captivating canines, she can be commissioned for corporate and celebratory events and portraits.