Becki & Ross photo shoot in Sussex

When I met Becki and Ross over coffee to discuss their wedding plans, I was taken by the sheer amount of thought and originality placed towards their day. In all the discussion of sumptuous colours, interesting themes and settings, the subject of actually being photographed eventually came up. A mild discomfort is quite usual and I knew this had to be rectified before the big day, Ross admitted to being a little uneasy about being photographed. I have found it is often the case that unless a subject is well drilled, as with an actor or a model, a feeling of uncertainty of “how to be” in front of the camera takes place.

As a photographer I am actually not wildly keen on having my photograph taken, which I find quite ironic. There is a certain venerability that can be experienced when a photo is taken of you, a moment where you might be wondering whether or not you will be captured the way you hope to be seen. To be able to relax naturally as the photographer snaps away is quite an art. Even the most experienced at being snapped perhaps wonder if they will be depicted well, and in that moment loose their nonchalance.

There are after all so many angles that one can be seen from and so many expressions one can offer, well before the lighting takes it’s role to effect the mood. As an experimenting fine artist sketching nudes, before photography enticed me, I was interested in how the form of a body changes at every angle.

Our body represents us, it may not be who we are but it is a sort of symbol. A symbol that the paparazzi seem to desperately try to destroy. A symbol that most of us want to have held in time as a reminder of a special moment in time.

I made a date with the lovely couple to take some shots on location so that they could feel comfortable being the focus of attention. We took just over an hour of actual shooting in beautiful Sussex on a rather unpredictable weather day. In between the odd drizzle I managed to have some interesting light to play with, clouds can be very helpful. I asked the couple to chat away to each other as I snapped away, occasionally we would chat together but the whole idea was to create an environment that they were comfortable in. It was a balance of posed shots with natural shots.