What’s your story?

I’m a Brighton based photographer and love the power of visual storytelling. Whether I am photographing an event or a portrait session, there’s always a story there to tell.

Brighton & Hove is a great city to live in but I photograph far and wide.

brighton brand photographer
At the LX Factory, Lisbon photographing inspiring stories for the Generation Share book.

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is a new concept, although we’ve been telling stories throughout the ages! 

We are in a fast-paced digital age. Most people swiftly scan web content, so visuals play a key role in attraction marketing. It’s a challenge to get noticed in any business. I have pledged to help businesses stand out in the marketplace by finding the uniqueness of their brand and translate that into visual imagery.

I’ve also crafted a new product called Visual Story Mapping. Launched in 2017, it uncovers the core business story and creates an authentic brief. With experience, I’ve learnt to trust my ability to connect. I coach my clients and make them feel comfortable to create great photography with them. It’s about connection and teamwork. 


Brighton photographer, Sophie Sheinwald, trained in fine art and visual studies in both London and South Wales. She works on photography projects relating to her passions. She is a storyteller at heart. 

“I love visually telling stories, I especially enjoy bringing entrepreneurs stories to life with photography to help their businesses grow and succeed.”

Sophie Sheinwald

The first step you need from a photographer is understanding

Once you are booked in, Sophie Sheinwald has a unique consultation process. She likes to find out who you are, what you’re about, before getting the camera focused on you. She feels a bond needs to be created to create a successful photo session. She provides a free 15-minute pre-consultation. Book one in today.